History of Arapidis Family


Arapidis, a flagship plant for our region, began in 1969 to bloom again. We, the Arapidis family, welcome you with a few words of acquaintance.
Athens, post-war. A child from parents of genuine Greek refugees from Asia Minor is born in 1948. He grows poor while going to school and doing a lot of work to help survive the large family in Nea Ionia. In the morning school at noon at his father's tavern and in the evening he sleeps in an old refugee house with very little Asiatic warmth though. He is studying a mechanic at a nightclub until the moment his mother's mother calls him and serves in the special armored forces on a junta!
When he returns to Athens, he is the moment when he makes the decision to use his courage, his courage, his courage and his mechanical skills to create.
With the help of his brother's childhood friend, they make a tiny cottage in the underground family home. They also find an abandoned station wagon of the '50s, they are self-masters to be able to move ... and the adventure begins. The beginning has been made there, in Nea Ionia, in the refugees, in a workshop that equally holds a scissors and a cutting press, a craft of lighting fixtures for the balconies is created, something unprecedented in Greece at that time.
But this is not enough for Michalis Arapidis. His worries lead him to continue his own with his 100% own company in a new larger rental space. It works from 6am to 11pm every day 6 days a week.
At that time she knows the skillet Maria Gerantonis-Lambros. Together, a titanic struggle begins, creating the Arapidis (Michalis) and the Arapides family (Maria). Two baby boys come to life as the fruit of this great love, Dimitris and Kostas.
It is worth mentioning that helper in this effort was the Skyrian grandmother Anna "the Skyrian lord" who takes care of helping the family with all her physical and mental powers.
Michalis manages to bring his spots in all the electrical and lighting stores in Greece and he establishes himself as the "king of the spot"! An unattainable title still holds our market circles today.
His reputation is spread all over Greece and goes out of the border following his successive visits to Italy and Germany. From the slums of Nea Ionia, he manages to trust him in the lighting of spots by Presidents of Democracy, University Professors, Lawyers, Doctors, Entrepreneurs to working friends, known and unknown.
In the early 1990s, the 3,000 m² building was completed. which hitherto housed its industry. The passion for good manufacturing quality remains the driving force of "Arapidis".
A "new generation of business" award is just coming to confirm that such people need to be more prominent and not entrepreneurs of easy, casual commerce solutions.
The lab now produces only specialized spots for coastal use of special resistance to extreme weather conditions confirming the know-how on the subject.
Difficult customers in the Middle East trust Arapidis spots due to their high strength. The business grows.
The second generation now on the wheel ahead of the third and extremely promising. Dimitris and Kostas hold a sense of great responsibility for the business that is sustainable in difficult times. Always with the basic principle of honest quality in relation to the money the final buyer is required to pay for the acquisition of Arapidis spots.
Unique patents give a record high quality construction to a recessed waterproof flooring that is the only one that does not spoil over time.
Dimitris and Kostas enter the company after long-term education at TEI Engineering, ASSOE Higher Commercial, IEK Business Administration, Semesters in Machining and Offices, Exhibitions, Industries in Italy, many seminars, practice in all posts and much more.
Special spot welding enrich new catalogs where you can find only the best spots for special moments of lighting in your home or business.
And the story goes on in Arapidis.
Thank you all for being with us!

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